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Fish out of Water ! My passion or would it be considered an obsession with this collection !

I asked myself one day, where my passion of collecting “Fish out of Water” started?

Raku Pottery

Well it all started with this one, that I love.  On a girls weekend getaway several years ago, I came across this lovely Raku Pottery piece, which reminds me of a Siamese Fighting Fish, the Betta.

 “Raku” remained a lonely little fish out of water without company for quite sometime.  That is, until we moved to the country 8 years ago.   Then my obsession exploded with passion !

Another passion is photography, which I am a still quite a novice at, but happy to belong to a photography club (more later about that) and photo editing, which I enjoy dabbling at.

Here are just a few of my favorites, some of which I have edited for my enjoyment, and hope yours to:

                Balinese Healing FishBalinese Healing Fish:  Friends from Australia recognized my passion by sending me this lovely fridge magnet.

Blog.2Raku Pottery:  From the Local Color Art Gallery, Flesherton, Ontario.  I love this technique in pottery design.

Blog.4Mexican Black Clay pottery:  From one of our trips to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico.  This is a very special one, as my husband bought this for me, while I was in a Mexican hospital recovering from breaking my back in a “freakish” boat accident.


 Every home would not be complete without a “Fish Shaped” Thermometer.






Or a clay “fish” wind chime beside the Hot Tub.  Found in Cuba.




Blog.9Or a Paper Mache, 3 dimensional picture, another Cuban find which is picture perfect for hanging over the door leading to my “Gal Cave”






A Pier One purchase, which sits on the window ledge in our Bedroom, overlooking the Lilac bush.




Cheers !  A collection of favorite Wine glasses.  A couple, are gifts from me, to me.  Another from friends who just knew what to give me as a hostess gift.



Blog.12Another gift from my funny hubby.  Smile, you are on Candid Camera !


A Dominican Republic Find.  This one is a painted wood carving.






Brass Serving Plate:  On the coffee table in my Gal Cave  Home Sense, of course.

Blog.15Oh, just because !  And, why not?  Flanked by my wonderful kids.

Blog.16A small group photo-op:  The wooden one, a purchase from California.  A special plate from our travels to Ireland.  A pottery serving dish, another gift from my hubby.  And, peaking through the looking-glass, actually resting nicely in my China Cabinet is a “goodwill” find.  A gorgeous big mouth pottery Bass, at least I think it is.  And, as if gorgeous can be found in a Big Mouth Bass.  You never know what you will find there.

Blog.17Blog.19Red, White and Yellow Gurgling Jugs.  My favorites for when we have dinner guests. Loving the sound of the water, or wine gurgling out of the jug to the glass.

Blog.18Fish incognito, looking over the lower level walk out garden.

Blog.21A beautiful, art glass sculpture.  A gift from my favorite son-in-law.  Actually, my only son-in-law.  He’s the greatest !

Blog.22What’s for dinner tonight?  Jesus is not impressed with that comment.  Who was given to me by my daughter and fav, son-in-law.  They thought I needed to have an actual,  FISH in WATER !

Blog.23These beads almost swam to me.  From Holy Crow Beads.  They had my name on them, wanting to be made into this design.  Another love of mine, jewelry design.

Blog.24And, last but certainly not least.  Is Nemo.  What collection would Fish out of Water be, without this little guy.  A “whim” purchase I am sure by dear friends who just knew that it would sit well in my China Cabinet !

I have many more in this collection as you can imagine.  From serving dishes to jewelry to clothing.  One day I will have to document them all.  If anything for me to enjoy in those twilight years.  Thinking, what was I thinking?

I came across this article.  On, when hoarding becomes more than collecting.

Hoarding comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most people collect something. Some stuff their closets with super 3-for-1 deals from discount clothing stores. Others pack their kitchen cabinets with great bargains they got using grocery store coupons. Some people’s medicine chests may be overflowing with free samples of everything from band aids to face creams. Many people collect objects having seemingly little value to anyone but themselves, from used concert or movie tickets to the books and toys they loved as children. You may think nothing of these behaviors until you decide it’s time to straighten out your stash. Then you find it surprisingly difficult to throw out those cherished memorabilia or those sale clothes you never ended up wearing.

I love to mix up my collection from time to time.   Keeping my husband on his toes… thinking to himself, Hmmmmm?  Or asking me.  Is that one new?  I also think, that true hoarders, just keep their treasures under wraps, never to be seen or displayed !  And, how sad is that?  I am a lover of my collection.  And, would never consider myself a hoarder.  But, then again minimalists might think otherwise.

To be continued…

At the lake, as Loch Arran has another entire collection.  It never ends…